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Volunteer Opportunities

"We Love our Volunteers"

Ski racing and training require many hands to make the work load manageable for the organizers.  There are many opportunities to get involved and see what the local ski culture is all about.  All parents, whether they are skiers or not, are encouraged to help with weekly sessions and race events. It's a great way to meet other parents and lend support to the hard working coaches.  If skiing and racing are new to you, fear not!  We’re here to help, answer questions, prepare you and we’ll do our best to mix experienced and new volunteers. 


Committment: 1-3 full-days during ski season (for parents & guardians)

Role: To assist coach with keeping the snowstar group together while on the mountain and getting safely on & off the chairlift.

Duties: Have fun and assist the coach.

As the season progresses, watch here for opportunities to volunteer. 

There are a variety of positions as determined by the event Race Committee (ROC). This can include on course roles (gate judge, slippers, wranglers) and managing refreshments, bbq lunch. A sign-up sheet for race specific volunteers is sent out in advance of the event to parents of registered skiers and other interested people.   We always need lots of people! 

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