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U12 - U14 - U16

Program Overview

These fun and engaging programs are for young alpine skiers aged 10 to 15 with intermediate parallel ski skills who are interested in skills improvement and competitive alpine ski racing.


The program is intended to acquire and refine skills required to perform at the Learn to Train and Learn to Race stage and to prepare the athlete for more intensive training and competition at the junior level. The program also provides and allows the skiers to test their skills against their peers at local races and at some provincial level races.


The programs focuses on three key goals:

  1. To consolidate and refine the basic skiing skills necessary in ski racing.

  2. To introduce fitness for ski racing through team dry-land training and other sports.

  3. To train athletes to ski as fast as possible from start to finish, without falling while using excellent technical skills.



  • The U12 Program offers an excellent opportunity for young athletes, 10 - 11 years of age, to improve their skiing skills with an increased focus on technical skiing and racing.

  • The Program offers more days on snow and more races, and therefore more opportunities to enjoy a good mix of skiing, including both Slalom and GS.

  • The primary focus of the U12 Program is Learning to Train.


  • NOTE: Alpine U12 is an intensive program geared toward advanced skiers aged 10 and 11 who intend to continue on to the U14/16 Race Team. New participants will require coach's assessment prior to enrollment


U14 is the program for kids who love to ski and love to race! The U14 focus is Learning to Race on Slalom, Giant Slalom.

For the competitive skier, U14 is the start of their journey as a true alpine ski racer. U14 racers begin to adapt to a more competitive atmosphere where each individual is encouraged to push themselves through competition at Mt. Sima and at events beyond Whitehorse.

For the more recreational skier, the same high level of coaching is offered. These skiers may choose to stick with the club races held at Sima and not travel to other race venues. For all U14 athletes, U14 provides a quality training environment to further their skills as a skier and racer.


U16 is for teens who love the world of Alpine Ski Racing. The U16 focus is Training to Race. The competitive U16 skier has a good grasp on the skills required for the sport, yet this athlete is still in the developmental stages of ski racing and races should be viewed as training for future development. The competitive U16 Racer is encouraged to attend all the races available. These competitions are optional yet each member is encouraged to attend as many as they are able and test their skills against other racers from around the Western Provinces. For recreational U16 skiers, the same coaching is offered even if they choose not to travel to races outside of Whitehorse.

Training and Race Schedule

The training and race schedule for the U12-U14-U16 will start in late November and run into April

To view the U12-14-U16 training and race schedule, visit our online Event Calendar.


U12 - $605.00 per racer plus ACA fees

U14 and U16 -$935.00 per racer plus ACA fees

Start Time

11:00 am - 3:30 pm (Yukon Standard Time) Saturday & Sunday

Registration will be open September 1st, 2021

Questions and More Information

For further information, contact Urs Schirmer, Head Coach at (867) 332-6222 or

For information on Alpine Canada’s AIM 2 WIN – Long Term Skier Development Model go to:

Equipment List for U14/16

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