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Snow Stars

Program Overview

This FUN and engaging program is for young alpine skiers aged 6 to 12 interested in developing and improving their ski skills and being introduced to alpine ski racing. This 8-10 week program encourages the development of skiers and ski racers of all ability levels.

The program encourages children to discover a pathway to the joy of skiing, competition and excellence in a FUN and rewarding environment. Its goal is to provide a solid foundation and knowledge base: physical, technical, tactical and mental.

The program focuses on two of the seven phases of the Long Term Athlete Development Plan (Alpine Canada’s AIM 2 WIN): Skier Essentials; and Learn to Train.

The younger, less experienced, skiers will focus on having FUN and developing the skills associated with the Skier Essentials phase. The emphasis is on developing basic agility, balance and coordination using FUN activities and games. In addition, these skiers will be introduced to the simple rules and ethics of sports.

Fundamental skills are developed in a free ski setting all over the mountain. The emphasis is on balance and basic skills with as much mileage on snow as possible. The children will work towards symmetrical parallel turns with rhythm and timing. They are introduced to carving, upper and lower body separation for angulation, and pole planting. The children will be introduced to gates to build timing and rhythm skills.

The older, more experienced, skiers who aspire to become a great all-mountain skier, or competitive racer will focus on having FUN and developing the skills associated with both the Skier Essentials and Learn to Train phases. The emphasis is on improving skiing skills with an increased focus on technical skiing and racing. The Learn to Train phase is designed to elevate each individual skier’s technical skill level through an “age and stage” appropriate physical and mental training program and an introduction to structured competition.

For more information on Snow Stars go to the following website:

For more information on Alpine Canada’s seven phases of development go to the following website:

Whitehorse Program

Session Options  Registration Opens September 19th, 2022

Maximum of 10 sessions between December 10, 2022 and March, 2023, sessions will be on Saturdays from 12h00 - 3:h30

  • Snow Star training sessions will be automatically cancelled on Saturdays when the temperature at Mount Sima is -20 and colder, as determined by the Mount Sima Summit Weather Station. Note, we do not look at temperature in Whitehorse, but rely on this source

  • However below -15 coaches will look at the forecast and conditions at the hill and decide that morning whether to cancel or not.

  • You will receive a short email before each session from me, Snowstar Coordinator. If the weather is questioned (too cold), an email will be sent to parents that morning at around 10am to confirm if the day's session is a go or not.

  • Efforts will be made to 'make-up' for regular sessions cancelled due to temperature.

Session Calendar

To view the Snow Stars schedule, view our online Events Calendar.


Mt. Sima


Cost $385.00 per athlete, plus Alpine Canada membership fee.

Mount Sima lift ticket (daily or season pass) is required and not covered by the Snow Star fees. 

Required Equipment

Helmets: An approved alpine ski helmet is mandatory. Although, a full over-the-ear hard shell alpine ski racing helmet is preferred.

Goggles: Alpine ski goggles

Skis: Any type of skis will do as long as they are reasonably modern, of appropriate size, and have properly suited and adjusted bindings. A pair of junior racing/carving skis is ideal but not mandatory.

Poles: All athletes require properly fitting ski poles

Note: It is the PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that their child has properly fitting and properly functioning equipment.


The Snow Star program requires that at a minimum athletes are comfortable riding the Mount Sima chairlift and skiing Hailey's (green run) Learn-to-Ski Programs are available through Mount Sima Ski School.

The first program day will be used to assess skills/confidence/etc, and sort out appropriate groups. Occasionally if a child is without peers at their ability level, we'll ask a parent to accompany them on-hill for a few days so the rest of the group can keep moving at a fun and engaging pace.

Questions and More Information

For up to date information please contact the Alpine Yukon Snow Stars Coordinator Anastasiya Matlashevska

Watson Lake Program

For information: call 867-536-8031 or email or visit their website

Snow Stars Camp

There may also be a 3 to 5 day Snow Stars Camps offered during Christmas or Spring Break. To Be Determined

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