Covid-19 Measures

Dear Parents and Athletes,


Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, 2020/21 programs have and will continue to be updated and altered to keep our athletes and territory safe, as we continue to follow the guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Alpine Yukon acknowledges that this may change if Covid-19 numbers keep climbing or there are other directions from the Chief Health Medical Officer.

Please remember, that non-medical masks are not a substitute for physical distancing and staying home when sick. Continue to always practice the Safe 6 and adhere to the health and safety guidelines specific to your activity whether at dryland training or in your alpine ski program at Mount Sima. Alpine Yukon will keep you updated on any changes to Covid-19 Plans & Procedures affecting your program activity.


If you have any questions, please ask your coach or contact Alpine Yukon by email at

Let's all play safe and continue to have fun.


Matthew Jenner


Alpine Yukon's Covid-19 (Return to Snow Plan)

CMHO approved


  1. All athletes will arrive ready for skiing.

  2. All athletes/coaches and parents will practice the safe-six guidelines.

  3. Face coverings will be maintained on the hill, as per Sima plan. Non-medical masks must be worn at all times, except to eat and ski.

  4. Hand sanitizer will be available, with signage, at the entrance and exit to the clubhouse.

  5. Snow Stars will meet outside the clubhouse in the designated area and be picked up outside the clubhouse. Snow Stars will have different pick-up and drop-off times and breaks from U12-U18 skiers.

  6. Clubhouse use is shared with other clubs. Alpine Yukon can only have 12 persons in the clubhouse at anytime. The clubhouse has a maximum limit of 25 people. Storage of extra gear will be permitted in dedicated spaces. The clubhouse may be used for warm-up/breaks/transitioning with permission from your coach.

  7. ASAY area within the clubhouse is monitored at pick-up, drop-off and during warmups/breaks to ensure physical distancing. If clubhouse is at capacity coaches will direct groups to other shelters or use the main lodge where Mt. Sima Covid plan will be in place.

  8. U12-18 skiers will eat lunch and warm up in warming hut on the hill whenever possible or in main lodge if clubhouse is at capacity for distancing.

  9. Follow all signage and marked space where athletes can sit and maintain distance.

  10. All club-run race events will include Covid plans/directions on the registration form. Covid plan/procedures and posters will be posted on website and in the clubhouse.

Coaches and ASAY Officers

​Coach's room will be limited to 2 at a time to enforce distancing. Coaches will maintain physical distance from members and wear non-medical mask.

Coaches will try to maintain 2 m distance between coaches and athletes when possible. If a coach is required to approach an athlete, they will wear non-medical masks and hand sanitize prior to assisting the athlete.

Sanitization - entrance door handles will be sanitized at Opening, Midday and Closing. Tables and benches sanitized after use at pick-up, drop-off and breaks

Each training day, the coaching staff will verbally read a questionnaire about symptoms and travel to the athlete/participant.