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Alpine Yukon Masters

This is an Alpine Skiing program for adults, consisting of training exercises and drills, technical free skiing, Ski Cross, and Slalom/GS gate training in a semi-structured environment.

Alpine Masters is a recreational program for those that have raced in the past, as well as those without previous experience who are interested in skills development and friendly competition. The program will be run in a cooperative learning format, with participants and coaches working together to develop the season’s framework and objectives.


Participants are encouraged to build a positive and supportive learning environment, and be willing to provide constructive feedback. Participants will work with coaches in the setting of drills and course for the day, as well as tear down and clean up.

Coaches: Sara Burke and Marc Boulerice

11:00 am – 3:30 pm (Yukon Standard Time) alternate Sundays, all dates will be listed on Alpine Yukon calendar by start of season


Mount Sima lift ticket (daily or season pass) is required and not covered by the Masters Program fees .

Alpine Yukon Masters 2021\22 Registration Form

                                    Note that ACA forms and fees are mandatory

Registration Options:


Option 1: (recommended option, less running around)

  1. Complete the registration on Zone4

  2. Pay your Alpine Masters registration fee by E-transfer to

Option 2: 

  1. Complete the registration form from above link and submit by email to

  2. Pay your Alpine Masters registration fee by E-transfer to

Alpine Canada Alpin Masters


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