Board Of Directors

  • President: Stefan Gladwin
  • Vice-President: Hillery Blower
  • Secretary: Matt Jenner
  • Treasurer: Lisa-Marie Vowk
  • Director at Large: Darrell Orban
  • Director at Large (Snow Stars Representative): Dean Vollmer
  • Director at Large (U12 Representative): Susie Heffner
  • Director at Large (U14 Representative): Kim Chapman
  • Director at Large (U16 Representative): John Wright
  • Director at Large (Masters Representative): Jeanne Burke
  • Director at Large (Watson Lake Representative): Jenny Skelton

  Snow Stars

This fun and engaging program is for young alpine skiers aged 6 to 12 interested in developing and improving their ski skills and being introduced to alpine ski racing. Registration deadline is November 17, 2017.
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  U12 - U14 - U16

This fun and engaging program is for young alpine skiers aged 10 to 15 with basic parallel ski skills interested in skills improvement and competitive alpine ski racing. Registration deadlines are October 24, 2017 for U12 and September 12, 2017 for U14 and U16.
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  Alpine Masters

Alpine Masters is for capable adult alpine skiers aged 18 to 106 with intermediate to advanced ski skills who are interested in technical free skiing, drills and gates, with a view towards skills improvement and friendly competition
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  Become A Coach

Alpine Yukon will attempt to facilitate CSCF coaching courses annually if there is sufficient interest. 

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  Become A Volunteer

Parents of the Snow Star skiers and U12-U14-U16 are encouraged to volunteer during the season.
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